headshot | noun

  1. a photograph of a persons head or face and shoulders: casting directors sift through hundreds of headshots, looking for the person with the right look for a particular role.

  2. a bullet of gunshot aimed at the head.


I tend to focus on the first one. 

“Oh my god I HATE having my headshots taken”

“Oh my god I LOVE having my headshots taken”

And thats absolutely fine. I hear variations of the above all the time.

Headshots can be an odd experience!! Staring into the lens of a camera for an extended period of time can feel very unnatural. As an actor myself I understand the process that goes into having your headshot taken. Whether you sit somewhere between either total discomfort or blissful ease everyone is different and its perfectly natural to feel the way you do!

Stuart le Blanc Smith 'Pampa' circa 1942

Stuart le Blanc Smith ‘Pampa’ circa 1942

I inherited a couple of cameras from my grandfather who discovered photography late on in life. Heres an old picture of him and his pipe.

I aim to create a relaxed and comfortable environment in which we work. We start simply by getting to know each other and discussing if there's anything in particular that you and your agent are after from the session. I've always seen a good headshot as something that is a vibrant and honest reflection of the individual. My preference is for natural light.

After the session I will send over all images from the session on a contact sheet for your agent to have a good look at. Once I have received your final choices I will then hand-process them into both colour and B&W retouching where necessary.

 If you are looking to get your headshots printed then the lovely gang at Visualeyes are an absolute joy. Based in Wandsworth they really are a lovely bunch and incredibly helpful; anything you need even at short notice can be accommodated.